Why would a Leader at a top rank of a Network Marketing Company leave and go to another company?!

Does this really happen?!

I mean Why in the world would someone at a top rank in one company up and leave to join another one?

The true story…. This happens way more often than people think. I can now say I have experienced it and been this exact person.

I started Network Marketing with my first company in 2014 and was with the same company over 3 1/2 years until it was time for a change.

Was it an easy decision, NOPE!  Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!!

Lots leave for different reasons. Some is for the product and some is more for the business side.   For me the business was changing, i no longer enjoyed what I did and was tired of seeing so many fail at the system that wasn’t as duplicatable as other systems out there now.  I was WINNING while everyone else on my team stayed and struggled.

I started off looking or a team of leadership that could take me past where I was and a company that would support me in branding myself and NOT just spamming their product all day.  I was looking for a system that no longer required 3 way calls as a tool they pushed others to use or they wouldn’t succeed.  I was looking for a duplicatable system i could easily teach my team that provided all of us with MORE time freedom, not less.

When you realize there are other things out there that might be a better fit for you and your goals, you decide if taking the risk is worth it.  I mean do you really want to stay STUCK in a company you no longer enjoy or have the passion or confidence in to grow?  I know I didn’t anymore..

Key is searching for the RIGHT company, leadership, training, comp plan, and HOME that you can prosper in.


My name is Angela Campbell, I’m a 36-year-old wife, mother, and FITMOMpreneur. I specialize in helping other network marketers build a business online while creating the time free to live on their terms.

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