Meet Angela

My name is Angela Campbell, I’m a 36 year old wife, mother, and FITMOMpreneur. My passion since I was a little kid was with fitness, sports, overall being active and always helping others, which led me to a career that allowed me to do both.

I’ve been a personal trainer for 8+ years, but 2 years of those I lost myself taking a corporate world desk job that got me in the survival mode of living someone else’s dreams from 8-5pm every single day, then rushing home to sit on the couch and waste the rest of my days in front of the TV.

I knew there was more to life that what I was living, and I knew I had an inner passion that wasn’t being utilized.

Then came an opportunity to take a risk on and get out of my comfort zone with Network Marketing. It began in March 2014 with a good friend asking me


Those words forever changed my life. I found an opportunity that allowed me to help others again. This was my first experience with Network Marketing in the health and wellness industry. It gave me my drive, my passion, and my purpose that I knew I had and brought it back out to the surface.

I continued excelling in the company I joined and continued helping change lives along the way. My family’s life was changed that day I said YES. I put my head down and listened to my friend and upline and shared with everyone I could and learned as I went.

Then came my biggest reason to work even harder to make this Network Marketing opportunity work, my husband and I struggled starting a family over the previous years, and we finally found out we were blessed to know we were expecting our first baby.

This blessing became the biggest WHY that I needed to grow my business online even more because I knew when our baby arrived, I did not want to go back to corporate world and stay in survival mode.

Fast forward almost a year in Network Marketing, I was able to go on maternity leave and tell them I will not be back. You see, I took advantage of an opportunity that I said no to for 7+ months and just trusted the one who introduced me.

This forever changed my life and my family’s. I no longer survive an 8-5 job, I no longer am living someone else’s dreams,


Through my journey of being a full time mom, work from home entrepreneur, and still teach a few fitness classes each week to fuel my passion for fitness, I get the title FITMOMpreneur. This led me to not only wanting to help others with their health and fitness, but also with their careers in Network Marketing.

Why continue living and working to make others dreams come true when there’s amazing opportunities all over to help you live yours, and create the life, the time freedom, and memories with your family that you all deserve.

Fast forward to now, February 2018, we are awaiting the delivery of our second baby to complete our family of 4 we always wanted. From the business side of my Network Marketing career I realized I loved what I did but I had gotten to a place where I was working from home but spending TOO much time on phones and not mentally with my family.

That was the system my first company had in place and I realized it wasn’t working for me anymore and with a new baby on the way, I NEEDED more time freedom for my family but always wanted to continue to excel in my career online.

So after nearly 4 years with the same company I felt there was more to Network Marketing for me than where I currently was and I started looking to see what exactly that was.

While still at a top rank of my 1st Network Marketing, that is when I decided it was time to make a move to a new opportunity that still provided me the love and passion in health & wellness, while working from home and NO LONGER spending my evenings on phones and watching my family eat at the table together while I had to step away to take a call for someone on my team.

I searched and found a company that provided the leadership I needed, the system that suited me and my desire for MORE TIME FREEDOM, a WINNING comp plan so everyone on my team can now WIN and not just me, and also the opportunity to take my business online even further than I ever could in my 1st company.

Finding the right opportunity that fits you and your passion, the right team and support group that you can be surrounded by that will lift you up and remind you of your strengths, and combining that with the right tools and resources can HELP YOUR DREAMS BECOMES REALITY.

Angela Campbell

Follow Your D​​​​reams

Are you a network marketer struggling to succeed in your business? So was I until I learned how to work online smarter and created more time freedom for my family and time to fuel my passion of Fitness.