How to Create a KILLER “Call to Action”

You’ve got two ears and one mouth.”

You’ve heard that line before, right?

The logic is that if you want to be effective in sales and marketing, you should always be listening!

But what if that wasn’t actually true?

Sure, you should listen to the pain points of your prospects and understand what keeps them up at night—that’s a great way to figure out what makes your audience tick.

But, is that the best way to…

Get your prospects to listen to YOU?

Well…not necessarily.

Instead, what if you should actually capture your their undivided interest and attention by doing just the opposite, and…

…interrupt them?

Because, here’s the deal: if you want your prospects to pay attention to you and ONLY you…

You need to stop them in their tracks, figure out how to throw a wrench in their way of thinking, and make them perk up their ears and go, “Wait, what?”

And when used correctly…

The power of interruption will have your prospects hanging on your every word.

Now, there are tons of interruption tactics you can incorporate into your blog posts, videos, emails, ads, and even one-on-one conversations that will turn heads and dramatically increase your conversions.

In fact, you’re about to learn all about what effective marketing via interruption looks like.

But before we get into that, you need to understand something called…

“The Zeigarnik Effect”: the hidden power of interruption


My name is Angela Campbell, I’m a 36-year-old wife, mother, and FITMOMpreneur. I specialize in helping other network marketers build a business online while creating the time free to live on their terms.

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