How do you know what your Personal Brand is?

When most people think about personal branding…

Things like a sharp logo, fancy title, catchy tagline, and professional photography all come to mind.

Honestly those are the last things you need and definitely DO NOT want to start with these or spend the money on getting them created.  You DO NOT need these to find your brand and be successful building it first.

One of the biggest mistakes network marketers do is they BRAND their company and product instead of branding themselves.  What sets you apart from the next person in your same business that is branding the company and product as well?  NOTHING!  This is why you need to brand YOU!


 1. What do you Stand for?
You have to identify what is important to you and what is it that you are standing up and saying.
If you want to create an online brand and you want people to get to know you, you’ve got to state loud and clear what you stand for.You need to be able to clearly articulate:“This is what I’m about and this is what I’m going to do for you.”

That’s how you create a brand and a presence.

2.  What do you Stand Against?
It’s important to share and distinguish yourself from those that you don’t agree with.  Let people know the things that drive you crazy and you don’t agree with.  You will be more relatable and attract others that agree with you even more.  Those that don’t agree with you, more than likely would not have bought from you anyway.

3. Who are you Talking To?
As a network marketer that wants to be successful, you need to know who is your target market and who is your customer AVATAR.
To know these things you need to first identify the PAINS, STRUGGLES, GOALS and ASPIRATIONS of your customer ‘avatar’ that you will be providing content and videos for.  Who will you be talking you and offering solutions to their problems?

Who is your customer Avatar?

Here is 15 questions to answer and imagine you are speaking and creating value to them with every post, video, and any content you create.

  1. What is their name?
  2. Are they Male or Female?
  3. How old are they?
  4. Where do they live?
  5. Are they single, married, divorced, etc?
  6. Do they have any kids?
  7. What is their current occupation?
  8. What is their greatest fear in their current career?
  9. What is their greatest fear in their personal life?
  10. What do they do in their spare time for hobbies?
  11. What interests them when they are scrolling on Facebook?
  12. What influences in life or business do they currently follow?
  13. What types of books do they read ?
  14. What do they dream about when they go to bed at night?
  15. What is their #1 goal they want to achieve ?

My name is Angela Campbell, I’m a 36-year-old wife, mother, and FITMOMpreneur. I specialize in helping other network marketers build a business online while creating the time free to live on their terms.

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